Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Crafting, cooking and gardening

The waterlily has flowered in the new pond
The house has not been renovated yet... I know, I have been waiting since 2011 and we only ended up doing very modest changes to it. The garden, however, has changed a lot. I have now closed the pond and created a second pond. The old pond is now a bog garden, a bit boggy today as it rained a bit on Monday... The frogs and newts have moved to the new one. I did offer a relocation service, too, courtesy of a huge bucket.

Entrance to the back garden

The old pond is a bog garden

My sweet peas... lovely and scented

The new pond with bobbing frog
If you are interested in the crafting and cooking, please visit these blogs: Rat Racer & Ecothrifter/Cambridge Cheapskate.

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