Saturday, 20 September 2014

Last day of summer - thinking ahead!

This picture generated lots of interaction on Twitter

Last weekend it was Open Cambridge, which was great this year! I visited College gardens (the above topiary is at Wolfson College), enjoyed a free punting and walking tour and went to a tea dance (had fun learning cha cha cha, less fun waltzing).

Today I visited some homes, courtesy of Open Eco Homes. It was very useful to see how one 1928 and two 1930s houses had been transformed into modern homes with a traditional feel. Hearing about their experiences with builders, architects and planners was invaluable.

Since last time I posted little has changed. Our renovation plans are  on the backburner, but I do hope we are going to make a start before the end of the year, at least find an architect.... My partner has talked to a planning official in the summer and we have a rough idea of what we want/need.

Tomorrow is Open Community Gardens' weekend, I joined a community project in the summer and they have exciting plans.

My own garden is doing very well, especially since the neighbour reduced the size of some massive conifers and a huge holly.