Friday, 12 July 2013

Summerhouse project back on

Playing croquet at Churchill College, Cambridge

Steampunk event - two young gentlemen

My summerhouse in mid May

Hello, just a quick post to catch up before I upload new photos of my summerhouse project. Remember last year's post about restoring my old summerhouse? I painted it forest green outside and bright light blue inside. My partner re-roofed it. Then I removed paint and varnish from an old table I found in the garage and my 1940s utility chairs, bought from a charity shop in London over 11 years ago. Now the chairs and table are finished. Yesterday I re-upholstered the chairs (these are different chairs from my previous post where I had pics of an older. antique chair) and placed them in the summerhouse.

I have been gathering vintage objects to show off in my summerhouse and hunting out decorative stuff to hang and display. I'm planning themed displays and even an art show. Watch this space.

What else? I gave myself a Great Gatsby hairstyle (goes well with the cloche hat in the top pic) and went to a Steampunk event - a great concept merging Victoriana with sci-fi.

More Steampunk pics below....

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